Analogs: Here to Stay?

Hi everyone. After doing this week’s readings, I think that Analog tech will have a permanent resurgence, specifically around physical books and film photography. I have seen a lot of people starting to use film photography starting back when I was in high school and think it will stick around for a while. There is something special about film photography and as one of the readings says, you have to plan things out a bit before capturing the image. This makes the photo more engaging for the audience and the artist. If we look at physical books, they are still continuing to come out in print. I think that the idea of physical books are more of a preference thing but will stay around. I know my family loves both digital and physical books but we use them for different things. Personally, a physical manual or cookbook is better for me than a digital one. Some old books are antiques, which cannot be turned digital for the sake of their appearance. This leads me to believe that these things will continue to rise in popularity but it is important to remember that things fluctuate, but one can still hope.  

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