Novella Word cloud

Hello! This week we made word clouds based on any text we wanted to do. I chose my novella that I am writing for one of my creative writing class called Embracing The Shadows. I was surprised by some of the words that stood out in the word cloud. The top words were character names Bash and Pann and the other words are describing what the main character, Pandora is going through. I chose the burgundy background because it fits the story well and is Pandora’s favorite color and the queen in chess because she has made herself into that role in the story. I think that the word cloud makes the entire plot of the novella look complex while simple with the words that stand out the most. Words such as don’t, blood, body, towards, and can are relatively simple but they create a larger image that appears complex. A question that comes to mind when I am looking at the image is why is there such a big difference in the word usage? As I mentioned above a lot of the bigger words are names but the others are just as important. As the author, it really puts the whole story into perspective. This was a really fun project to complete and it looks pretty cool.

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