Final Project Part 2

Hi everyone! I finally finished my project after hours of work trying to perfect it and deleting it once by accident. I’m really happy with the results and it was fun to see it finally come together. For my project, I created a podcast talking about how to write a character for a short story, novel, fan fiction, game, cosplay, whatever you wanted it to be for. In the podcast, I talked about what I do to write a character and describe my writing process. I then mentioned a character sheet that I created (which can be found bellow) and gave examples of characters. I then wrote a scene to further develop the characters and their voices. I had a great time trying to find all of the sound effects and make it as immersive as possible.

To start this project, I created list of things I think are important to writing a good character. This was originally a list I created a few years ago after looking online for a while but I added a few extra things for this project. After doing that, I created three characters, Rafe, Chrysanthemum, and Nikae. I created Nikae earlier this year but really liked writing her character and wanted to expand upon her. I took some inspiration from the assignment that I used to create her and beefed it up a little. I then thought about how do I make my writing digital besides having it written somewhere. I came up with the idea of creating a podcast because I really enjoyed the group projects and thought it is modern and engaging for the audience. I found all of my sounds on freesound except my intro and exit music which I already had downloaded on my computer. I used Audacity to compose the entire audio portion of the work: recording, splicing, editing, and effects. I am so lucky that we were recommended to use this program earlier in the semester. Anyway, after everything sounded good to me, I uploaded it to Soundcloud.

There was a little bit of trouble when I was creating the audio. I accidentally deleted my project and had to start over which was really frustrating. However, the end result seemed really cool to me. If I had to do the project again, I would ask a friend to help voice the characters because it was a little hard to do myself. Besides that, I had a great time completing the project and I hope you enjoyed listening to it.

Here is the character sheet. It’s a little long but you can explain as much or little as you want on each bit.

Character Sheet

What type of character are they? (hero, main character, villain, magician, elf, etc.)


Pronunciation of name: 






  • Personal:
  • Overarching:





Clothing style:

Favorite color: 


  • Hair color, texture, type:
  • Eye color:
  • Eye shape:
  • Nose:
  • Face shape:
  • Freckles:
  • Beauty marks:
  • Height:
  • Body shape:
  • Skin undertones: 
  • Tattoos:
  • Scars:
  • Typical outfit:
  • Age: 
  • Other notes: 


Introvert or extrovert: 



Where were they born?

How did they grow up? Happy, distraught? Emotional state, amount of attention received, wealthy, day by day, etc. 

What was their family dynamic like?

What was their first memory? Why?

What events have shaped their personality and life conditions? 


What is their biggest fear? Why? How does it shape them? 

What do they have at stake when they face this problem?

What is their personal life like?

Where and how do they live? Any pets, roommates, parents? 

How much money do they have?

Who are their confidants and enemies?

What is their work-life like?

What is a normal weekday for them?

What do they do on the weekend?

What is their morning schedule, do they have one? 

Do they have a favorite beverage? 

Do they have any guilty pleasures?

Any addictions?

Are they religious? 

Where is one place they have always wanted to go? (vacation spot, somewhere memorable for them, etc)

Who or what are they afraid to lose? 

How does the problem they are facing threaten what they hold dear? 

How does this problem exacerbate certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities they hold?

In what ways is their life primed or subject to change?

What about them is not subject to change? (everyone has something they can’t change which is alright)

What kinds of transformations are possible for your character? 

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